CLE Credits

Events & Training

Managing Education Debt for Public Interest Attorneys
1.00 hour of Standard/Professional Development CLE credit has been approved. Minnesota Legal Services Coalition webcast (titled Taking A Load Off: Loan Repayment Assistance Programs) is Event Code 166337 for 3/21/2012. 6/11/2015 SMRLS Mankato is Event Code 208489. 11/4/2015 Legal Services State Conference is Event Code 211488.

Breaking Free From Domestic Violence
Two standard CLE credits were approved for our conversation about representing victims and survivors of domestic violence. Event Code is 212477.

The Road to Rock Bottom
Two elimination of bias CLE credits were approved for this important discussion on 11/13/14 about addiction and how impacts client representation. Event Code is 197182.

Empowering Superheroes
Many thanks to those who attended our conversation about attorneys who advocate for children on 11/14/13. One ethics CLE credit and one standard CLE credit have been approved. The Event Code is 184447.

Thank you to those who joined us for Rising Above Tragedy on 11/15/12. The CLE was approved for two-hour elimination of bias credits (Event Code 173477). Click here for a list of resources for clients suffering from PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms.


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