Help LRAP Win the Santa Lawyer Contest

To participate in this inclusive contest, vote for LRAP Minnesota on Twitter with the hashtag #santalawyer OR by email to santa@rubriclegal.com. You can vote for us once per day. And there are bonuses for holiday singing and dancing videos! Here are the full contest details.

Increase Legal Aid Through LRAP

Plesae support LRAP with a recurring or one-time gift. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar this month. Click here to increase legal aid through LRAP today!

Help Save Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Future Legal Aid Lawyers

Please contact your US Representative and let him or her know you oppose the PROSPER Act’s elimination of Public Service Loan Forgiveness. PROSPER Act meetings are taking place this week, and the bill may come to the House floor soon. It appears current law students and those already in repayment will be grandfathered in, but we need help from all LRAP stakeholders to preserve PSLF for future legal aid attorneys and clients! Click here for a one-stop tool for contacting your members of Congress.

Urge Congress to retain Public Service Loan Forgiveness in its current form so dedicated public interest attorneys can afford to continue their important work serving low-income clients. And consider discussing these additional points:

  1. How has PSLF enabled you help others and serve your community?
  2. What would be the financial consequences to you and your family if loan forgiveness was eliminated? Could you continue to work in public service?
  3. Have you taken on a large amount of student debt with the intention of achieving PSLF?
  4. Are you depending on PSLF to help pay off your student debt after working in public service for 10 years?
  5. In what ways do you see an elimination of PSLF effecting the availability of legal aid to low-income Minnesotans?

Attachment: Use this fact sheet to provide additional information to your members.

Follow-up with LRAP: Please let us know when you contact your representative, and what response you receive. Reach us at HeatherRV@mnbar.org or 612-278-6315.

Additional resource: Visit the Coalition to Preserve Public Service page here.

Find your elected officials:




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