2016 Year In Review

Click here to read about Rose and SaRoi, two LRAP recipients helping domestic violence survivors.

State Funding for LRAP (SF 943 and HF 2080)

Please call your Minnesota Senator and Representative to tell them you support of education debt relief for legal aid attorneys serving low-income clients throughout Minnesota. Click here to find your district. Click here for more details about the bill.

  • Say you are a constituent living in the applicable community
  • Refer to SF 943 or HF 2080
  • Ask the Senator or Representative to support the bill because…
    • For each eligible client legal aid helps, two are turned away due to lack of funding.
    • Law school debt of $150,000 or more and legal aid salaries starting at $45,000 or less prevent dedicated attorneys from working in public service.
    • Current award levels are beneath goal ranges to accommodate more applicants, and LRAP was still unable to fund seven eligible applicants this year.
  • Offer to answer any questions s/he has.
  • Leave call back number.
  • Let LRAP know how it goes at HeatherRV@mnbar.org

Adequate Minnesota Justice System Funding

Join the MSBA in advocating for adequate Minnesota Justice System funding, including funding for civil legal aid. Visit www.mnbar.org/JusticeSystemFunding to learn more.

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